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How to Make Your Instagram Photo Look Great

4 Tips on How to Make Your Instagram Photo Look Great

For users of Instagram, one common rule applies when it comes to uploading pictures. If the Instagram photo doesn’t look great, don’t upload it. How then can you make your Instagram photo look great? Before you continue: You should have a look at our homepage and discover how do people get so many followers on Instagram.

1. Good camera

Ensure that the camera you are using has high resolution. The quality of the Instagram photo will be determined by type of camera used. If you are using a phone that takes photos of high quality, then you are halfway on your way to making your Instagram photo look great.

How to Make Your Instagram Photo Look Great

2. Proper lighting

It is essential to take a picture where and when the lighting is almost perfect. A good time to take a great Instagram photo is on a sunny morning before 10am or in the evening between 4 and 6pm. During these times, the sun is not too bright making the lighting perfect for Instagram photos. Instagram also offers the option of adjusting how bright a photo can be.

3. Angle used to take the photo

Different angles used to take the photo will yield different results in terms of how good the photo will look. Take a couple of pictures from different angles then compare and pick the best ones. Try taking the Instagram photos from elevated angles, side views, placing the camera slightly below your waist level etc.

4. Filtering

One of the ways that makes Instagram different from other social media platforms is the filters it has to improve how a photo looks. A picture can be transformed from good to great using Instagram filters. Using the filters can give a photo different feels to it. There are filters that can make the photo look vintage, futuristic, dreamy and so on.

Take as many pictures as you can and pick the best of them all. Be as selective as you can be to ensure that you upload a great Instagram photo because if it’s not on Instagram, it probably never happened.

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